A leading international shipping company offering high quality dry bulk transportation to customers worldwide.

Ashley Global Shipping’s focus is on reliability, flexibility and safety ensuring the service provided to our customers is of the highest standard.

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Our word, our bond. The motto of the Baltic Exchange, of which we are proud members.

Ashley Global Shipping operates in full compliance with all recognised international, IMO regulations whilst keeping the safety of the crews, the vessels, their cargoes and the protection of the environment as top priorities.

Ashley Global Shipping operates all of its vessels in compliance with classification and flag state rules, and applies recognised industry standards as appropriate, including a readiness at all times to respond to emergencies and establish safeguards against all identified risks.

Ashley Global Shipping continues to evolve its operational techniques and expertise in order to maintain its record of excellence in cargo solutions and international trade.

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Ashley Global Shipping is an experienced carrier of many dry bulk and break bulk cargoes. Please contact our operations team ops@ashley-shipping.com for further information.

Meet the Team

Ashley Global Shipping is a family-owned and run business. The Mann family have been involved in shipping for over 100 years.

Here you see one of H G Mann's vessels, La Pampa, being launched circa 1935.

All members of the Ashley Global Shipping team are proud of the traditions handed-on by these long-established, innovative and dynamic predecessors and are determined to carry-on seeking solutions to the challenges of providing shipping solutions to World Trade. 

Our heritage